Standard Services:

   Dining Reservations
 FedEx/UPS Service
 Film D-Off/P-Up
 Gift Shopping
 General Errands
 Grocery Shopping

 Home Checks
 Home Waiting Service
 Key Holding
 Light Housecleaning
 Mail Greeting Cards
 Merchandise Returns
 Motor Vehicle Renewals
 Organize Closets/Cabinets
 Pay Maintenance Invoices
 Pay Home Utilities
 Pickup Prescriptions
 Post Office Runs
 Dry Cleaning D-Off/P-Up
 Reminder Service

 Schedule Appointments
   Doctor Appointments
   Floral Delivery
   Yard Treatment
   Yard Maintenance
   Start/Stop Utilities
 Video P-Up/Return

 Not on the list? Ask!

Concierge Service Fees

Fees for Concierge Assistance

Concierge service fees are designed to provide an option that meets the need of everyone. Whether you need concierge assistance once or twice a year or multiple hours each month there is a concierge service fee to meet your needs.

Please review the options provided below and select the concierge service best suited to you.

All services are charged in 1 hour increments, including trip travel time within the Springfield area. Please ask for a quote on mileage outside the Springfield area.

Occasional Concierge Assistance

The occasional concierge user, requires 2 business days notice. Email All About the Details for an estimate. Provide a full description of the Errand or Service you require.

à la carte: $40.00 per hour

Standard Membership

Purchase a pre-scheduled package of 4 to 8 hours any time you need to.

  • Schedule 4 hours, receive a 10% discount.
  • Schedule 5-8 hours, receive a 15% discount.

Standard membership is offered to provide the client a means to use All About the Details concierge service on an irregular basis without incurring the full a la carte rate. Standard services may only be used in blocks of 2 hours. The client that finds themselves scheduling on a more frequent basis is advised to consider purchasing our Premium Membership.

Standard membership hours must be used within 30 days from the date of first service. DO NOT over estimate or buy hours in excess of what you will use in a single month. Excess hours WILL NOT be carried forward to the next month. Excess hours WILL NOT be refunded.

Premium Membership

Maintain an ongoing membership by activiating a quarterly membership. Quarterly membership, paid at the beginning of each quarter, is 31.95 per month or $95.85. Receive:

  • 3 hours at no additional charge per quarter
  • Additional hours charged at $30.00 per hour
  • Reminder Service for 25 of your most important dates.

Benefits of Premium Membership pertain to current quarter only.

Estimate the number of hours you will need and use, in full, each month. Contact us with any questions..

How does Concierge Service Work?

An email or phone call to All About the Details alerts us to your need to have a service performed, 24 hr notice preferred. Services including pickup or delivery, scheduling appointments or arranging a floral delivery, line standing, or checking your home during away time will deplete your account by time required to complete the project.

If the service is labor intensive such as cleaning your home, grounds maintenance, packing/unpacking, organizing cabinets, closests and drawers, an estimate for charges will be submitted to you, for your agreement, prior to the service being performed. For some services we will interview and recommend a business to provide the service for you. If you prefer we can coordinate and monitor the provider to insure compliance with your requirements. Our fees will be based on the degree of involvement we are required to provide.

Scheduling such services deplete your concierge acct by the amount of time taken to locate regular home maintenace services, meet with them to get your estimate and set up a regular maintenance schedule. Once done no additional concierge fees will be needed for the service unless you have additional requirments pertaining to the service.

Want us to do the Grocery Shopping? Put them away too? Open an account with All About the Details.

Want All About the Details to Pay your home maintenance invoices? Your utilities? Contact us about opening an account to cover those monthly expenses.

Additional charges may apply for certain services.

Contact Us.

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