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Basic Fees for Empty Homes and Apartments!

Basic Cleaning Fees for Move Out or Move In Cleaning

Regularly Scheduled Cleaning Estimates - Contact Us

Standard fees are based on homes and apartments with average cleaning needs. Some homes and apartments need a great deal more attention than others. Calling for an in-home estimate will determine what additional charges may apply to your cleaning job.


All flooring is swept or vacuumed and bare floors mopped (hardwood, carpeting, tile, laminates). No wax will be applied. Sinks, counters, tubs/showers, toilets, mirrors, dusting, baseboards, window sills, ceiling fans, appliance exteriors, and easily accessible inside windows. This service includes cleaning inside all cabinets and drawers, pantries and closets.

Home owner is responsible for heavy or large amounts of trash removal!



Sq Ft   Fee
Under 500   $80.00
500-1000   $90.00
1000-1500   $100.00
1500-2000   $120.00
2000-2500   $140.00
2500-3000   $170.00
3000-3500   $200.00
3500-4000   $240.00
4000-4500   $280.00
4500-5000   $330.00
5000-6000   $400.00
Inside Refrigerator   $20-$35
Inside Stove/Oven   $30-$50
Fireplace   $40
One Hour   $40
Larger jobs (crew of 2)   $35.00 p/h
DIY Move-Out Cleaning Instructions:
Read about how you can do it yourself!

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